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Lockdown Procedure

In the event of a lockdown situation, The Boys & Girls Club of Waynesboro, Staunton, and Augusta County staff will insure that members are secure within the building. A lockdown order can only be placed by the Executive Director, except in the event of a sudden unexpected threat that prevents open communication, at which point, the decision to lockdown much be made by a Unit Director. Our goal is safe care, custody and accountability of children. In a lockdown, the exterior door will be secured and incoming phone calls may not be answered. No one other than law enforcement or other emergency personnel will be admitted into the building during a lockdown. Members will be kept inside predesignated locked rooms with the blinds drawn. No one will leave the classrooms or secure area within the building until the lockdown is lifted unless they are being evacuated by emergency personnel. The lockdown will lifted only by the Executive Director. When the lockdown is lifted, parents may come to the Club to pick up their children. Lockdowns may be practiced during the year.  

Procedure for Stranger/Intruder

The Unit Director should be notified immediately. The Unit Director will gather information and make a determination of further action. If an obvious threat occurs, the Unit Director will notify police (911) immediately. The area will be secured, no one will be allowed to enter or leave, and staff will remain on the scene of the incident.

Inclement Weather Policy

To ensure the safety of our members, their families, & club staff, we will follow the local school district's decision to close during the weather-related emergencies. Please look for the most up-to-date information on inclement weather-related club closings on our website at

In the event the weather deteriorates during the school day, and students are released early, the club will NOT be open.

In the event that inclement weather conditions are expected to occur during normal club hours, then the club will be closed. Parents will be contacted and expected to pick up children within an hour of being called. Additionally, the club will post an announcement on our Facebook page and website.

If school are delayed and open later in day, the club will be open for our regularly scheduled after school program hours.

Questions? Parents can call the club at 540-949-4516 to determine whether programs will be operating.